Club Poxy Regulations

These rules describe the spheres in which we operate. Violation or breach of these rules may result in deletion Player of the structures of our club. Very please refer to these principles and follow them.

Any attempt to circumvent the regulations or knowingly act to the detriment of the club is a violation of the club’s rules.

In the world of sim

1. The club provides a virtual space in a virtual world called Second Life.
2. In a sim club, the rules laid down by SL authorities should be followed.
3. Purchase of club groups and payment of tips in tip-jars are voluntary.
4. The club is a meeting place for poker enthusiasts.
5. Guests outside the club’s mainstream are also welcome.
6. The club organizes music events with competitions and prizes. Please follow the guidelines of our staff during the event.
7. The club is not responsible for any losses or costs incurred due to the use of the club’s offer. You don’t know what you do just don’t do it!
8. The poxy club is allow 18+

How does poxy club work?

By entering our club, you get a free welcome bonus. You can take part in freerolls and win money. Poxy club gives many bonuses and organizes many promotions. Admission to the club is free, but you get full options after full verification by the admin.

How to make the first deposit?

  1. Contact our manager at the number listed in the club profile and write your player ID as text to whatsapp or mobile.
  2. Choose the method that suits you best, ie skrill, second life or crypto. Inform the manager about this on the phone from the club profile.
  3. Make a deposit with the chosen method.

How did you get fully verified by the admin?
The verification of a player in our club takes place in several stages.

  1. Contact our manager at the number listed in the club profile and write your player ID as text to whatsapp, mobile, telegram.
  2. Make a deposit. Minimum deposit is $ 10.
  3. Order a payment via the website (passwords to access the website are in the Club Profile)
    After these three simple moves, you will be added to the list of real players. This means that when you place a withdrawal order on the website, your money will be sent to you within the time limit specified in the regulations. However, please note that the withdrawal amount must be available after your order has been placed. If it is less than specified in the order, the payment will be canceled without a reply.

How to withdraw P $ winnings on skrill or cryptocurrencies?

The club’s rules clearly state that withdrawals are made using the same method as the deposit. All you need to do is place a withdrawal request via a special form at If you haven’t made your first deposit to poxy club yet, you must do so before you can make a withdrawal.

Deposits and withdrawals on skrill, second life, crypto

When it comes to withdrawals using the cashier on our website. This is paid out on a regular basis from Monday to Friday. On weekends, we process deposits quickly and withdrawals usually on Mondays. the club only works on skrill, secondlife and crypto. Agents have their own payment channels depending on the region. I suggest you set up a skrill account, it is a very fast and convenient transfer channel. The skrill account is set up in 10 minutes. Identity verification is quick and hassle-free. You simply photograph your ID card or other identity document, take a picture of yourself with the code that you will get into the application and it’s ready. We can send each other dollars in no time. Skrill allows you to send other currencies, but we only accept dollars. When we get rubles, euros or yen, the costs of currency conversion are on the player’s side.

Access to the website is password protected. There are two passwords, simple and advanced.

Website passwords:
(passwords must be entered copy / paste does not work)

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