Club Poxy Regulations

These rules describe the spheres in which we operate. Violation or breach of these rules may result in deletion Player of the structures of our club. Very please refer to these principles and follow them.

Any attempt to circumvent the regulations or knowingly act to the detriment of the club is a violation of the club’s rules.

In the world of sim

1. The club provides a virtual space in a virtual world called Second Life.
2. In a sim club, the rules laid down by SL authorities should be followed.
3. Purchase of club groups and payment of tips in tip-jars are voluntary.
4. The club is a meeting place for poker enthusiasts.
5. Guests outside the club’s mainstream are also welcome.
6. The club organizes music events with competitions and prizes. Please follow the guidelines of our staff during the event.
7. The club is not responsible for any losses or costs incurred due to the use of the club’s offer. You don’t know what you do just don’t do it!
8. The poxy club is allow 18+

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