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Here you will find our contact information. You need full access to our sites. Contact our agent. If you need information about current events, contact the DJ. If you need technical support or have a nature problem with anything in the app, please get in touch via this page.


Olive (ashleesa)
Agent id : 3944514

I am from Bangladesh , writes and reads English and Bengali and playing poker with much interest and new hobby. I want to lead my team best as possible. hereby, Thank you for the kind opportunities.

Agent id: 4086844

Hello i’m Lucho poker agent since i start this game few month ago, if you are shark like me and only want victory then join my team 😉

NipunD (nipun0808)
Agent id: 3881620

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”


DJ MARTINIE (martinie.ahn)

Hey! Wats sup?

My Web Site >
RL PRO DJ FOR ALL OF THE WORLD~39 Years on the Mic J
Over 9000 Fans, The One , The Only, DJ MARTINIE! NOT SHAKEN, & DAMN SURE NOT SCARED TO PLAY THE MUSIC YOU WANT TO HEAR. Over 19 Million Tunes. Im Known As an All Request DJ,

Technical support

Mikael Leale (aimseptemduo)
app’s supporter

Hi i’m Mikael, I will help you take care of everything you need to play well at the club.

Manio (soquedhozi)
gold hand

If you need knowledge of the application and transaction process, please contact me.

Pol Xaron
scripts in world

Something is not working in SL, you have a bot problem.
I speak spanish and english.

Visit our club in Second Life, great attractions waiting for you, Event Board, Sploders, VOTE PLACE. You will meet poker enthusiasts, people who love poker.

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